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The drive each year is only as successful as the generosity of our donors. We truly appreciate everyone who gives their time, money and assistance to the Cheer Fund!


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Thank You

“Thank you!” to each and every individual who helped make Cheer Fund’s 102nd year a success!  Without the assistance of the individuals and businesses named below (and those missed or who wish to remain anonymous), hundreds of Decatur County children would not have received anything for Christmas.  Your donations of time, toys, food, funds, building space and vehicle use are truly appreciated.

Together, our community raised $60,364.86 in 2013 for the Greensburg Daily News Cheer Fund to provide toys, personal hygiene items, clothing certificates and food for 867 children from 339 low-income families in Decatur County, Indiana.

Lori Durbin, Sheila Doerflinger, Greta Solgere, Shawna Schroeder, Jackie Mellis, Amy Kuhns, Pat Luken, Sue Koors, Laura Welborn, Shelley Barton.


Sean Durbin, Bob Navarra, Charles & Dot Land, Phil & Roseaaron Buening, Ted Schroeder, Andrew Schroeder, John & Sue Colee, Brianna Cunnington, Reuben Kissel, Chris, Kristy, Abe & Isaac Tebbe, MainSource Bank employees, South Decatur High School FFA, Alan Crosby, Blake OMara, Jack & Laura Welborn.


Clothing Certificates

Conlin Durbin, Lori Durbin, Shawna Schroeder.  Stores Accepting Clothing Certificates – Goodwill, Goody's, Shoe Show, The Kids Shop, WalMart.

Bell Ringing

Locations – In Greensburg:  MainStreet Market, Rural King, WalMart, the Holiday Walk.  In Westport:  MainSource Bank and the Post Office.  Volunteers – New Point Kiwanis, VFW, Tri Kappa, North Decatur High School FFA, Community Action Coalition, Developmental Services, Lions Club, Decatur County Memorial Hospital, 4-H Junior Leaders, Greensburg Rotary, Knights of Columbus, MainSource Bank, Knights of St John, Rent-A-Center, Collection Associates Inc, Optimist Club, Greensburg Junior Optimist Club, Greensburg Kiwanis, Westport Kiwanis, South Decatur High School Key Club & Builders Club, Don Wesseler, Mike Gasper, Debbie Burton, Greensburg Junior High School, Katie Beyer, Patty Hensley, Willard Ricke, Jessica & Tyler Williams, Greensburg Daily News, Kate, Brandt & Lily Acra.


Coin Collection Cans

Locations  Crafts & Occasions, Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library, Pizza King, Ponderosa.


Toys, food and other in-kind donations collected and/or provided by

Bill and Jackie Blasdel, Blasdel Enterprises, Prairie Farms and Rick Followell for donating milk.

O’Mara Foods for donating eggs.

High Point Orchard for donating apples.

Columbus Container for donating toy boxes.

WalMart & Bread of Life for donating food boxes.

Food Drives

Greensburg Elementary School, Greensburg Junior High School, Greensburg High School, St Mary’s Elementary School, North Decatur Elementary, North Decatur High School, South Decatur Elementary, Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library, Aspen Place.


Santa’s Helpers

Box Set-Up Crew:  Mary Moore and KB Foods employees:  Jenna McHugh, Missy Hilbert, Mike Bokelman, Shawn Brinkman. 

Box Moving Crew:  Mike Novak, Greensburg High School Junior Optimist Club, Chris & Kristi Tebbe, South Decatur High School Peer Group. 

Box Labeling Crew:

Joe Rust, Ed & Mary Fox, Jon & Brianna Cunnington, Jack & Laura Welborn, Shelley Barton. 

Food Drive Pick-Up Crew: MainSource Bank employees: Chris Bower, Andy Jaisle, John Enneking, Dan Anderson, Kevin Koehne.  


Other Donations

Special thanks to the Knights of Columbus for the use of their hall; MainSource Bank for the use of their conference room; Acra Automotive Group, Don Meyer Ford Mercury Inc and Tom Sibbitt Chevrolet-Cadillac for the use of their vans; Conlin Durbin for writing our new, secure database; and Steve Hodgson of Street Smart Inc for the set-up and maintenance of our website, www.cheerfund.org


City Delivery

Loading Supervisor:  Larry Moore.  Traffic Management:  Greg Westrup, Dan Kress, Rob Billieu, Glenn Tebbe, Cory Parks & Dick Glaser.  Santa Base:  Bev Moore.  Delivery Volunteers:  Joe Moore, Jerry Sebo  and Chris & Donna Tewmey, Don Meyer Ford; Bob & Tina Hoeing, Tom Sibbett Chevrolet; Steve Simmonds, Tree City Tool; Jim & Jere Sturges; Patty Hensley; David Cherry & Jay Hatton, Acra Auto Group; Cecilia  Stanley; Steve Meyer, Meyer Custom Interior; Cliff & Carol Nobbe; Bob Barker & Teresa Kovacich, Parks Dept; Larry & Lora Hadler, Hadler Rentals; Rick , Jennifer & Ericka Carman; Renee McClintic; Doug Hawkins; Tony Owens & Lora Cochran, MainSource Bank; Craig & Abby Hellmich; Conlin Durbin; Macy Ballard; Dr Tom Brown; Gary Solgere, CCI Thermal Technologies; Eddie Lee & Mark Scheidler, Scheidler Brothers Inc; Nick Peters; Chuck Kirtman, John Schwering & Lori Biltz, Moffett’s Water Care; Jim Israel, Barnes Appraisal Service; Sheila Kirchhoff; Erin Yeager; Tom & Donna Fong; Tony Stacy; Dan & Denise   Moeller; Terry Dance; Charlie Greiwe, New Visions Realty; Lora Williams.


County Delivery

Loading Supervisor: Brian Huber.  Delivery Volunteers: Robert Pumphrey, Mark Ricke, Phil Buening, Don Yager, Jeff Emsweller, Mark Waechter, Mike Knoll, Dale Crites, Bill & Bonnie Weitlisbach, Carol Koester, Mark Schabel, Mark Burkhart, Dr Tom Welage, Scott Dennett, Jill Ricke, Greg & Candy Niles, Cassandra Hamilton, Phil Kramer, Letts Fire Dept, Charles Fogg, Roland Shirk, Felicia Templeton, Jon & Brianna Cunnington, Seth, Aaron & Kylie Huber, Bill Neumeier, Laura Welborn.


Cheer Fund Committee Members

Laura Welborn, President & Daily News Publisher; Joe Rust, Vice President & City Delivery Chairman; Kevin Koehne, Treasurer; Angie Wood, Assistant Treasurer; Shelley Barton, Secretary & Daily News Accounting/HR Manager; Lori Durbin, Sheila Doerflinger, Greta Solgere, Toys; Sean Durbin, Bob Navarra, Food; Jenni Hanna, Mike Gasper, Bell Ringing; Larry Moore, City Delivery; Brian Huber, County Delivery; Sue Colee, Public Health Dept; Sandra Gabbard, Healthy Families; Nicole McCarter, Human Services; Steve Snyder, Shop With A Cop.   


And a huge “thank you” to all who donated financially to make our Cheer Fund’s 102nd year possible!



$1,000 +

In Honor of the Decatur County Hospital Board of Trustees and Medical Staff

11/29 & 11/30 Bellringing


12/5, 12/6 & 12/7 Bellringing


Members of Chapter T, PEO Sisterhood

In Memory of Lil & Lois

12/12, 12/13 & 12/14 Bellringing

In Honor of Employees & Customers of Lowe's Pellets & Grain

Davis & Daughters

First Federal Savings & Loan Assn

MainSource Bank

In Memory of Captain Robert P Acher Jr

December 19, 20 & 21 Bellringing

Decatur County Community Foundation Inc

In Memory of Walter B Lowe & Anna Paul Lowe and Marie Braden Borchers from Mary Beth Lowe & Margaret Lowe

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana


Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce

Ronald & Judith Scheidler Donor-Advised Fund (through the Decatur County Community Foundation, Inc)

In Memory of Jack & Betty Fletcher and Norman, June & Penny Schlemmer

Star Baptist Church

In Memory of Howard Young & Nancy Stevenson Young and Robert & Marie Herbert from Wilma & Drew Young

In Memory of Our Parents, Oskar & Zita Mae Rust and Jack & Betty Balkwill

Don Meyer Ford

United Fund 2012 Designation

Greensburg VFW Post 5584

Mark & Greta Schabel

David & Mary Miers



Alpha Beta Chapter, Alpha Omicron Alpha Sorority

Arnold & Sylvia Waters

Greensburg-Santee Kiwanis

Presbyterian Women

First Church of God Christian Women Connection

In Memory of Bill Hunter, Love Marjorie

In Loving Memory of Lloyd & Thelma Shroyer from the Shroyer family

In Memory of Loved Ones

Bethel Apostolic Church

In Memory of "Fallen Fire Fighters":  CJ "Jeff" Grainger, William "Bub" Cooper & John Speer from the Clarksburg
Fire Fighters, Coffee Drinkers & 2 Teas, and Family & Friends

In Memory of Mort & Amelia Cleland, Merrill, Lester & Walter Cleland, Imogene Davis and Marilee Blackledge
          from Art & Carolyn Cleland

Greensburg Lions Club

Wyatt Vanderbur - Ryle Addition Mailbox Kid

In Memory of Jerry from Eva

VFW Ladies Auxiliary #5584

In Memory of Clarence & Mary Veerkamp, Huck Veerkamp, Georgiann Veerkamp, Elenora Bartholomew, 
          Pam Commingore, Loren Hudnall, Dwight & Jeff Roseberry and Grandparents from the Veerkamp Family

Kaywin & Ann Lindsay

In Memory of Loved Ones

Ernie & Marcia Stephens & Family

Psi Iota XI - Sigma Chapter

In Memory of Phil & Phyllis Kinley

In Memory of Dad & Mom and Ralph & Ruth Ann Schwering from the Boys

Stradley Hagerty Dental

In Memory of Charles & Emma Lange and Evelyn Lange from Langeland Farms


Dr Thomas & Elizabeth Brown

MainSource Financial Group

Valeo Employees

LWML of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church



In Memory of Virgil & Sarah Whipple

In Memory of Charles Gilliland II from the Family

In Memory of Vera Owens, Edie Hamer, Willa Williams, Jean Martin, Darlene Riley, Barbara Austin &
          Norma Bainbridge from Laureate Rho Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi

Lou Alexander

Greensburg Optimist Club

In Memory of Margie & Norbert Hahn

In Memory of Marilyn Rosenberry from Jim & Family

Decatur County Shrine Club

Dennis & Susan Wilson

First Christian Church of Greensburg Word Seekers Sunday School

Loyal Builders Class, First Baptist Church

In Memory of Ron Scheibler

In Memory of Harold John Rupp, Virginia Rupp, George Harold Rupp and Don & Bertha Wells from the Family

In Memory of Jackie Ewing's December 10th Birthday from Friends

In Honor of Christmases Past, Present & Future

Al & Mary

In Memory of Dennis Crowe

In Memory of Howard Parker

In Memory of Richard H Nobbe & Carroll "Wig" Knarr

In Memory of Betty L Moore

In Memory of Eugene Moore

Smyrna Lutheran Church and Thrivant Financial

Sandusky United Methodist Women

In Memory of Clyde & Clara Kluttz from the ZTTULKS

Decatur County Farm Bureau, Inc

In Memory of Geneva Land and Gerald Owens from Paul, Kathy & Family

In Memory of Loved Ones from Jim & Janet Maple


In Honor of Jane Hancock, John M Hancock, Steven Hancock & Family and Dr Priscilla Hancock from Art & Carolyn Cleland

In Memory of Edward J Hancock, Ruth Hancock Thorn, John C Hancock and John J Hancock from Art & Carolyn Cleland

In Memory of Loved Ones from Dan & Jean Bausback

In Memory of Elvin & Ethel Linkmeyer from Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Parkside Lanes

Greg & Linda Westrup

EE & Lois Laskowski

In Memory of Brad Buening

In Memory of Joe Naderman

In Memory of Jack, Leola & David Bokelman and John, Irene & Charlie Hellmich from Rita Hellmich

In Memory of Alvin & Mildred Koors from Jerry & Angel

In Memory of Bob & Elvera Shaw and Martha, Lawrence & Christopher Huser

In Memory of my wife, Thelma, and children, Roberta & Dale from Hershel Wilson

In Memory of Gerald Foster from His Family

Ted & Patricia Thornburg

In Memory of Sheldon & Elizabeth Smith


Animial Medical Hospital

In Memory of Ray Hatton

South Decatur High School Students & Staff

Johanne & Scott King

Tom & Katha Batterton

Kevin & Carol Whipple

In Memory of Ralph & Mildred Ponsler and Norman & Jean Reed from Tim, Lora, Jessica & Tyler

In Memory of Judy Forkert

In Memory of Lou & Dorothy Laker and Fritz & Irene Reichel

Dennis & Debbie Flack

In Memory of Bob Stutz

In Memory of Lillie Gibson from her Husband


Sandusky United Methodist Men

Maddux Moving Storage & Auction Co Inc

In Memory of Dale & Jane Carmony and Leonard Holtkamp

In Memory of Loved Ones from Tom & Paul O'Mara

In Memory of Mom, Dad, Clark & Don

In Memory of Steven Ruppert


O'Mara Foods

In Memory of Paul Roberts from Blake, Amy & Rylee O'Mara

In Memory of Chad Davidson from Mom & Dad

In Memory of George Rupp from John & Mary Rupp, Joe & Karen Rupp, Bill & Niki Johannigman and Families

In Memory of Jack Fletcher from Helen Fletcher

Collection Cans

Kingston Presbyterian Church

In Honor of Greensburg YMCA



St Mary's Ladies Auxiliary

In Memory of Loved Ones from Don & Jan Whipple

In Honor of George Wyatt by Zella Wyatt, Brian & Jan Wyatt, Brenda Schroder, Shannon & Somora Schroder,
          Aaron & Taylor Schroder, Kayla & Jim Breydon and Avery Wall


In Memory of Enoch & Lenora Kirtman and Linda Taylor

In Memory of Francis & Carol Clark

Frank & Barbara Manus

The Thankful Hearts Class of Liberty Baptist Church

In Memory of Loved Ones from Jack & Betty Kixmiller

Stan & Betty

In Memory of Tom Glass and Gene Hatton

In Memory of John W Hogg, Sr from his children, Terry, John, Debbie & Sherri

Alpha Alumnae Assn - Delta Theta Tau Sorority Inc

Dorothy Billings

In Memory of Angels:  Elizabeth Schwering, Christian Schwering & Mallory Moore

In Memory of Paul & Martha Jackson and Stella Wood

In Memory of Jack Lux and Greg Lux

Dale & Carol Boing

In Memory of Betty Clemons and Sue Dawson from the Family

In Memory of Carl, Rosemary, Aunt Eleanor & Grandmother Peters from Nick & Sally

In Memory of Marilyn McKinney from Don McKinney

In Memory of Earl & Naomi McLaughlin from Jackie & Frank

In Memory of Jack Pike from Jackie & Frank

In Memory of Dorotha Wenning and Sue Wilson

In Memory of Herschel Kunz & Melvin V & Cora Marie Crawley by Dick & Mary

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of Joseph & Kathryn Tebbe from the Family

Dec 10th Bellringing at Christmas Holiday Walk

Clyde, Cliff & Clara Bridge Club

In Memory of Bert & Mary Ann Luken and Nancy McKee from Jim & Patty

In Memory of Miller, Bertis & Rheba Parmer and Walter & Laura Fields

In Memory of Our Sons, Tim & Ron, from Maurice & Dorothy Wolford

In Memory of Diane Linkmeyer from Phyllis

In Memory of Dot Lanning

Dennis & Reba Thompson

Don & Sharon Wickens

Dancing Drum

In Loving Memory of Jane Koors from Her Family

In Memory of Ersel Rogers from the Family

In Memory of Carl H and Lowell Miller

In Memory of John Towe and Earl & Naomi McLaughlin from Gordon & Susie McLaughlin

In Memory of Clarence & Alma Fischmer, Walter & Irene Oakley and Kenneth, Harold & Esther Oakley

Don Wilmer

Therese Zins


Ron & Bonnie Frazier

Glenn & Laura Jo Tebbe

Carole & William Burr

St Maurice PCCW

In Memory of Carl H & Lowell T Miller

In Memory of Wilson & Elsie Huey and Ralph & Mayme Miller

In Memory of Bobcat Stephenson

In Memory of Harold Weston

In Memory of Dad & Reggie

In Memory of Alfred T Schoettmer

Oliver & Carolyn Jones

David & Claudette Begley

Jessie P Hampton

Union Baptist Missionary Circle

In Memory of Grammy from Grace & Ethan

In Memory of Adolph & Lois Bokelman and Carlos & Mildred Hite

In Memory of Ernie & Lucille Stewart and Gus & Bernie Strunk

In Memory of Our Angel, Seth Woodard from Daddy, Mommy & Wesley, Papaw & Mamaw Ogden and
          Papaw & Mamaw Essex

In Memory of Ginny Bruns

In Memory of Loved Ones from Lorina Krieger

In Honor of Steve & Diane Simmonds from Jason, Stephanie & Maria Ward

In Memory of L'Jean and Michael Middendorf from Robert Middendorf

In Memory of Omer Fry, Sylvia Ortman & Holly Bruns from Martha Fry

In Memory of Grandpa Earl

In Memory of Pam McClure, William Stuart & John Vanderbur from Shirley & Family

In Memory of Bud Buell

In Memory of Donald Eldredge

Golden Rule Class, First Christian Church

Dan & Michelle Anderson & Family


Ray & Jeannie Beagle

In Memory of Harold & Marcus "Jay" Woodard from Mary Lou Woodard

In Memory of Bill & Betty Loyd from John, Doug, April, Susie & Mary

In Memory of John & Mary Miller from Bob & Sharon Miller & Family

Greg & Debra Jones

Hugh & Rosanne Miller

Alpha Omega Chapter, Alpha Omicron Alpha Sorority

Sherry Israel

Bob & Carolyn Brewsaugh

In Honor of Louis & Catherine Mauer from Philip & Jane Wallpe & Family

In Memory of Forrest & Alice Grimes from the Family

In Memory of Louis & Margaret from the Lozier Family & Polly Lovegrove

In Memory of Tony O'Mara and our O'Mara and Osborn Relatives from Ed & Londa

In Memory of Our Parents from Don & Paulene Hurt

In Memory of Norbert & Maxine Brown, Bill Brown Bill & Sue Thompson, Ray & Frances Cobler, Sharon Graue
          and Jack & Evelyn Weber

In Memory of Jerry Westhafer from Steve Westhafer

In Memory of Mary Lou Hancock from Lewis & Family

In Memory of Dale Wilson

In Memory of John Knarr from Harold Beckett Families

In Memory of PJ Hensley, Dottie Ricke, Bernard & Alberta Koors, Edward & Louise Ricke and Delton & Mary Hensley

In Memory of Albert & Esther Wallpe from Philip & Jane Wallpe and Family

In Memory of Elmo Redelman from Mrs Dorothy Redelman & Family

In Memory of Robert Meal from Colleen

In Memory of Gar & Flora Meal and Howard & Belle King from Colleen

In Memory of Wayne Davis from the Davis Family

In Memory of Our Families - Feaster, Melick, Allen, Flake and AmRhein

In Memory of Elmer Krieger and Jared Krieger from your Family

Robert & Carol Blankman

Nick & Emily Hasselbeck

John & Sandra Westhafer


In Memory of Ben & Clara Harmeyer, Joe & Veronica Kunkel and Jacob & Rita Kramer

In Memory of Herschel Kunz from Irene Kunz

In Memory of Loved Ones from Jim & Ann Kunz

In Memory of Howard G Shake from Bill & Shirley Doles

In Memory of Earl & Goldie Manlief, James Stephens & Darlene Riley from Larry & Dorothy Stephens

In Memory of Sherlock Stephenson

In Memory of Our Parents, Urb & Agnes Blankman and Our Brother-In-Law, Mike Sexton

In Memory of Harold Rodgers and Clarence & Bertha New from Eleanor Rodgers

In Memory of Loved Ones from Gary & Becky

In Memory of Jim & Jane Davis from Jodi

In Memory of Our Parents, Jim & Faye Hewitt

In Memory of Buck Hoeing from Bob & Michelle

In Memory of Mary Ellen Veerkamp from Alex, Grant & Vanessa
Cejay, Carson, Cooper & Charlie Parmer

The Ice Family

Mike & Nancy Porter


Builders Class, Sandusky Methodist Church


In Memory of Pauline Napier

In Thanksgiving



In Memory of Ronald Elliott

Greensburg High School Wrestling Team

From Linger Awhile Extension Homemakers

From Garrett & Ethan

Lois Chapter #147 OES

In Memory of Peggy Ziegler - Forever, Ralph

In Memory of Aunt Teresa and Tony OMara

Norman & Charlotte

In Memory of Loved Ones by Richard & Phyllis Hellmich

In Memory of Tim & Ron Wolford from Bill & Sandy Pratt

In Memory of Bernie & Dorothy Wilhoit from Russell & Nancy Wilhoit

In Memory of Irvin & Madge Schoentrup from Russell & Nancy Wilhoit

In Memory of David Colson lost in 2013 from GCHS Class of 1968

In Memory of Forrest K Louden from the Family

From Max & Lois Louden

In Memory of Doris Kendall from Theresa Volk

In Memory of Henry Schwering; Edward & Alma Meyer; and Lawrence, Amelia & Francis Schwering

In Memory of Katherine Storie from Cody & Layne Sanders

In Memory of Roy & Joleen Connor

In Memory of Joe & Leona Strasburger and Claude & Mary Connor

Freddie & Babes


In Memory of Neil Nobbe from His Godparents

In Memory of George Osborn from Regina Osborn

Sandusky United Methodist Harmony Class

In Memory of Arthur & Eva Simon and Albert & Angela Wissel

In Memory of John & Alma Simmonds by Ed & Rose Cooper

In Memory of Billy Whipple by Ed & Rose Cooper

In Memory of Walter & Gertrude Cooper by Ed & Rose Cooper

In Memory of John & Alma Simmonds by John & Cathy Simmonds

In Memory of Paul, Ruth & Jim Volk

In Memory of Thelma Voiles

In Memory of Ray & Mayme Adams

In Memory of Joseph Naderman

In Memory of Bob Powers

In Memory of Raymond Nobbe from the Family

In Memory of Teresa McCreary from Dick & Polly

In Memory of Melissa Moffett from Elizabeth & Emma

Country Girls & Guys 4-H Club

Randy & Barb Odell


Jerry & Diane Saler

In Memory of Jim White from Pauline

In Memory of Daniel Wesseler

Dudley & Bonita Myers

ETA Chapter of AOA Sorority

Carol Hancock

In Memory of Vincent Starke and Kortney Snyder from Annabelle and Grandma Barbara

In Memory of Ersel Rogers from the Horstman Family

In Memory of Our Family from Charles & Dot


In Memory of Our Jackson & Templeton Loved Ones

In Memory of John & Alma Simmonds from Joe & Roberta


Allan & Vicki Butz

OK Sunday School Class of Union Baptist Church

In Memory of Joe Lee from his loving wife Irene and his three loving daughters, Gerri Dale, Sherri Lee Witt
          & Carri Jo Lee and their Families

In Memory of Ed Kasamis from Kaye Kasamis

In Memory of Loved Ones from Ron & Sharon

In Memory of Alfred T Schoettmer

In Memory of Joe & Helen Muckerheide

In Memory of Henry & Cecilia Wesseler

Robert & Jerry Renfro

Kathy & George Morgan

In Memory of Henry & Cecilia Wesseler

In Memory of James Vanderbur

In Memory of Maurice Moeller from the Family

In Memory of Richard Pickett from John & Madeline

In Memory of Loved Ones from Bill & JoAnn

Bob & Kathryn Schoettmer

12/13 Bellringing - Westport


In Memory of Joey Shields, Love Mom & Dad

In Memory of Joe Burkhart, Love Kathy, Monty & Family

In Memory of Joe Burkhart & Joey Shields, Love Betty

In Memory of Phil J Navarra from the Family

In Memory of Robert & Elvera Shaw, Clement Peters Sr, and Pete Peters

In Memory of John & Agnes Nieman

In Memory of Loved Ones from Gary & Jean Swegman 

In Memory of Loved Ones from Dan & Joni


Darlene Tobias

Sharon Dennett

Jennie Meyer

Teresa Smiley

Shanna Lebaron

Crystal Greathouse

Tammy Spurlock

Abby Asher

Becky Metz

Lori Pilz

Amy Ewing

Jeanne Loechle

Karen Forshee


In Memory of Craig Ward from Judy Dent

In Memory of Our Grandpa Huber & Grandpa Meyer from Adam & Dylan 

In Memory of Stanley Reed from Liz

In Memory of Harold & Nora Larrison and Merle & Mary Richter

In Memory of Bill Fenley

In Memory of Lois Aloey

In Memory of Dorothy Barber from the Family

In Memory of Matthew Campos from the Family

In Memory of Grandma & Grandpa, Mamaw, Dado, Krista and Sally

Wyatt, the Mail Box Boy


Robert & Sara Foster

In Memory of Lucy Crabtree, Bonnie Anderson & John Dwiggins Sr from Wife, Irene

In Memory of Marvin & Kathy McIteer and Elizabeth Dwiggins with Love from Stephanie

Cliff & Ruth Kunkel

Beth Moore

In Memory of John & Cora Schilling

In Memory of Leo Vanulzen

Tri Kappa Associates


Happy Birthday, Jesus


In Memory of Raymond & Mildred Schoettmer and Howard Harrison from Roger & Jean Harrison and Family

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